iBooks - publishing your own interactive multi-touch book for the iPad!

Do you dream of publishing your own book?
We will help you!

We can create books of all kinds, textbooks, biography, cookbooks, photobooks etc.

You can also use an iBook to create instructions, manuals, tutorials, portfolios, product information, resturant menus and much more, where you mix text with slideshows, videos and other interactive material.

In an interactive multi-touch book, you can show:

- Text and Image.
- Touch photo galleries
- Inline videos
- Youtube videos
- Video Vimeo
- Music
- Keynotes
- Interactive Images for instructions
- 3D images
- Exercises
- Web pages - online shop
- Twitter & Facebook Pages
- Like on Twitter, Facebook & Google +
- Google Maps
- PDF files
- Charts

And much more ...

Slide the images in the iPad to see some off the features that you can have in an iBook.

Want to get started quick and easy, choose any of our many stylish and professional designs that you see below.
When the book is finished, you can choose to sell it or publish it for free on Apple's iBooks Store.

If you want it to be free, then you can have a link to it on your web page, or distribute it any other way you like.
You must have the iBooks app installed on your iPad to be able to download a iBooks application!

With Safari on your iPad you can surf here and click Download to see a demo with some of the features that you can have in an iBook.


Start with one of our many templates to help you get started!